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Bunting Quilt Progress and Sunny X Quilt

It’s Karen tonight!

I’ve finally got the entire top for the Bunting quilt done- these are such happy colors!

And I am finally making progress on the largest quilt I’ve tried in ages!  I started it just as I began getting back into quilting, about 3 months ago- after about a 5 year hiatus.  I saw this pattern, which I call Sunny X, on QuiltDad’s blog and thought it was so pretty, I began making a few squares and then couldn’t stop!    So now all the squares are pieced, and it is just a matter of sewing all the small squares together, making a back, sandwiching it, and then (gulp) trying to wrestle the quilting through my Bernina.  

And here’s a closer-up of it.

My next job is to decide which DSLR to buy, and get experimenting with making MUCH better quilt photos than these are.