Bunting Quilt Progress and Sunny X Quilt

It’s Karen tonight!

I’ve finally got the entire top for the Bunting quilt done- these are such happy colors!

And I am finally making progress on the largest quilt I’ve tried in ages!  I started it just as I began getting back into quilting, about 3 months ago- after about a 5 year hiatus.  I saw this pattern, which I call Sunny X, on QuiltDad’s blog and thought it was so pretty, I began making a few squares and then couldn’t stop!    So now all the squares are pieced, and it is just a matter of sewing all the small squares together, making a back, sandwiching it, and then (gulp) trying to wrestle the quilting through my Bernina.  

And here’s a closer-up of it.

My next job is to decide which DSLR to buy, and get experimenting with making MUCH better quilt photos than these are.

DIY Shelf

Zoey Post

My boyfriend and I like displaying our collections of stuff around the house. Being the innovative and money-conscious people we are we found some old wood that was used for a fence at one point and made a cute, rustic-y shelf. It was surprisingly easy!

We have a couple long ones in our house; however, the one pictured is much shorter.

Screw your first piece of wood into the wall. Screwing it into the studs provides a much sturdier support.

Place the 2nd piece of wood-at least the same length as your 1st piece-right on top, flush with the wall. Screw in four screw to attach the two pieces of wood.

Next take your 3rd, and final, piece of wood and hold it diagonally against the wall and top piece of wood. Screw down both corners of the shelf through the top.

Screw two screws, closer to the middle, through the bottom to counter balance the two screws in the corners.

Next, screw the baseboard and the bottom piece of wood together in either side and the middle.

This is your shelf…now for the fun part =)

We used a hand held propane torch to darken the surface of the wood. You can get these anywhere they sell camping gear or hardware.

I then coated it with a clear coat of polyurethane and bam!

Cute little shelf for things =)

The finish is up to you really, obviously. We spray painted our other ones.

Do Art

Introduction and Quilt Design

Hi! It’s great to meet you!

I’m Karen, this is my younger daughter Sadie, and Ollie, our brown Standard Poodle.

Karen and Sadie with Ollie the Standard Poodle

You just heard from older daughter Zoey, in the first Modaluxxe post.  Undoubtedly, she will soon decide to grace these pages with her visage.  There are three more dogs to introduce you to later, as well as a son- and, of course, DH- who is pretty much allergic to fabric and crafts, lol- although he is tolerant and encouraging, and tries to ooh and aah appropriately when shown our (Zoey’s and my) beautiful handiwork.  

BTW, it’s a temporary tattoo on Sadie’s chest- she’s too young for the real thing!

Anyway, I’m a Maker- especially of quilts and other fabric delights, and glass! gorgeous transparent, transluscent colors of glass, teased into becoming glass beads over my lampworking torch. A few weeks ago I decided it was time to make another scrap quilt- they are so cheerful! After pondering a bit, I decided to use a figure of bunting, making the flags of different scraps. Here’s my overall plan.



Here’s the fabrics I pulled from my ‘palette’ (otherwise known to quilters everywhere as My Fabric Stash)- aren’t they glorious?

Modaluxxe Bunting quilt fabric


The initial pairing went like this:

And now, transformed into tiny flags, here they are, ready to be strung into strings of banners:


That accounts for the straight lines of bunting on your drawing, you say, but what about the curved bunting joining the straight lines? Well, for that I’m going to- no, that’s going to have to wait- but it’s a really cool idea that I think will work out well! More on this project to come.