Easy Tutu-torial

Hello from Zoey!

Its almost Halloween! It’s one of my favorite holidays! And this year I decided to try and make my costume. Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time is my goal by the end of it. Even if I don’t make it in time for Halloween I think I’m still going to finish it. That’s what today and tomorrow day are for though =) Oh the life of a procrastinator…

Here is Princess Bubblegum in all her glory, in case you haven’t heard of this wonderfully colorfully cute cartoon.

I decided that instead of the long skirt on my dress, I decided to ‘spice’ it up and make it nice and short. To have a cute princessy feel to my dress I definitely needed to have a tutu for under it. This was my first endeavor on this journey.

I found this idea on Pinterest. So many people were repinning this no-sew easy tutu and I definitely had to try it out myself. Being the skeptic I am, I wasn’t sure how well it’d turn out. I did it anyways =)

First I went out and bought 5 yards of bright pink tulle. Tulle is surprisingly cheap! Great for my very shallow wallet ha!

I didn’t use all 5 yards, I still have a good amount left actually. I figured I wanted the tutu to be about 14 in long…er wide. I cut strips measuring about 28 in long and 2 in wide. I didn’t get an exact count on how many strips I cut, but it really depends on how poofy you want your tutu and how wide you’re making the tutu.

I measured around my waist and cut my elastic band I also bought 1 inch larger than my waist measurement.

Fold one strip of tulle in half so you have a loop on one end and the two ends on the other. Place it behind the elastic band and pull the ends over the band and through the loop. Pull tight and tada! Easy as that!

For more Poof I cut strips in two different lengths. The 28 inch strips and then 24 inch strips. I alternated lengths when I put them on the elastic band. This isn’t necessary but I thought it would make it more fun and poofy =)

This is the result. I didn’t mind the elastic showing since it will be under the rest of the costume, but more tulle or better placing would fix that =)

Yay! Do Art!

A Photography Upgrade!!

This is Karen!!

Well I said it would happen- and now it is starting!  I finally decided on my new DSLR, and am the proud owner of a Nikon D3200, 24 megapixels!!  Here is the sweet baby herself!

DSLR Modaluxxe
This is the beginning of a steep learning curve for me, learning to take great photos of the glass beads I make.  They are squirrel-ly little things, surprisingly difficult to photograph well.  I had such good luck that the camera store where I bought this had a 2 hour macro photography class scheduled for the weekend after I bought it.  And the class was fabulous.  Probably the best thing I learning was that for my purposes, rather than needing a dedicated Macro lens- at $500+- I would do just as well with extension tubes, which are lens-shaped devices.  

Extension tubes for DSLR camers

This package has 3 nested tubes, which can be used alone or in combinations.  I think one chooses the combinations by what focal length one wants, how close you want to get to your subject.  They fit between the body of the camera and the actual lens-  but I will regale you with more details as I learn more.  

DSLR extension subes

And finally, as Zoey says, Do Art!!

Burnished Display Box

Its Zoey =)


Awhile ago Jon and I bought a shadowbox for the coffee table. It was only $10 at Hobby Lobby. I decided to experiment with the blowtorch on it. Afterwards I coated it in polyurethane. Then I took a break…probably on Pinterest.

After it dried I painted the inside with acrylic black paint that you can also find at Hobby Lobby for around $.60. Just screwed in a couple screws and used hemp cord to keep the top from opening all the way.

It took like 10 mins and it looks a lot better than just the craft wood shadowbox from a craft store =)

Do Art!