More Fabulous Fabric Art!

It’s Karen!

I have finished the Happy Bunting Quilt that you first saw in drawing form.  Then you saw the top pieced, but not yet sandwiched together with the backing and batting (the fluffy stuff in the middle that makes quilts warm and gives them shape).  

Quilted Bunting Modaluxxe

It always amazes me how the quilting adds a 3-dimensionality to the quilt, makes it come alive.  In that first drawing, I had the curved bunting lines as well as the straight ones- but I couldn’t come up with a good way to piece these (put pieces of fabric together to make the whole).  So I decided on couching yarn with similar colors.  Couching means laying the yarn- or similar floppy linear something- on top of the quilt, then sewing it down.

Medium View Bunting Quilt Modaluxxe

In this close-up you can see (or maybe I mean, not see) that I’ve used a slender transparent thread for this, so the yarn remains the star.

Modaluxxe CLoseup of couching on Bunting Quilt

This quilt pattern would be a fabulous choice for a guild swap-challenge!  For each of the colors, I needed only a 6″ x 7″ piece of fabric.  Here’s how I cut it out!  

Diagram of Bunting Fabric for Quilt Modaluxxe

So an exchange of fabric pieces, and with the quilter’s choice of different backgrounds (could black look cool?  or what about a khaki or celery color solid background?  Or even a small print?) it would be delightful to see the different variations that the members would develop.  You could also leave out the center stripes, replacing them with a letter or number to spell out a message.  Lastly, this pattern is easily up-  or down-scale-able for any size you could imagine (and your sewing machine could handle, lol!)

BTW- My photographs are improving as I get used to my wonderful new DSLR camera.  Here are my two new ‘bibles’ I am working my way through!!



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