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Hi! It’s Zoey

I am currently taking an Arts Appreciation class, and one of our assignments was to take a realistic picture and make it abstract. I decided to use this picture of my brother that I took on a road trip from Ohio to Missouri this August.

I thought it would be cool to incorporate a zoomed in view, almost, of certain cells of the body.

First I looked up a few reference pictures.


These pictures are of inner ear hair cell, human skin cells, and stem cells. In that order. I just did a Google search to find these.


This is what I got. I kinda like it =D


This is what I’m turning into my teacher. I really like the outcome. I’m definitely going to keep working on the background and what not, though. Maybe I will play around with it on the computer even? I’m definitely going to keep experimenting with drawing like this after I’m finished with this one.

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