Princess Bubblegum Costume

Its Zoey again =)

And I’ve made some progress on my costume. Of course, after Halloween I lost some gumption to work on it as often, but I’m still working on it =)

I made the structure of the top of my dress using an old crop tank top and a bra. It adds support and was easy to do.

This is all I did to attach the two pieces together. Easy by-hand stitching. The shirt did have a lace piece across the chest but I removed that with seam rippers before I sewed the top and bra together.

Here is the full shirt. I didn’t sew all the way around the shirt either, just the front. Im using these colors as a base, so the shiny see-through fabric I’m using as the actual color is actually pink and not see-through shiny pink-ish.

I made the cover for my tutu as well, but I’ll add that when its not just a cut out piece of fabric =)

Do Art!

One Thought on “Princess Bubblegum Costume

  1. william on November 8, 2012 at 5:40 AM said:

    Hello Zoey, I can see 1000′s of girls wearing that if the weather is right. It would be worth using that in your spring/summer clothing line.I should have guessed you were full of many talents. Artists always surprize me. :-)

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