Hi! I’m Sadie!

Hi I’m Sadie and I’m the youngest daughter and I will be working on photography and the pics of our dogs and I will try and post new pics as often as possible. I will try and add a new post by me a few times a week. There is a picture of my mom, Ollie, and I toward the bottom of the page. I’m the brown haired one (not the dog the human one I’m the one that had the temporary tattoo). My mom asked me to make a blog just about Ollie as if I were him. I will try and bring that to you as soon as possible. I will add my first picture of Pepper as soon as I can. See ya soon!



I wish I were here!

This is me! A wacky and funny picture that I took when I was board a few months ago. Before the birth of ModaLuxxe.


3 Thoughts on “Hi! I’m Sadie!

  1. Nice to meet u…look forward to yr pix

  2. What a cool project… can’t wait to see what you and Ollie come up with!

  3. ModaLuxxe on November 11, 2012 at 9:42 AM said:

    Thank you and it is nice to meet you also. I’m working on the design of the blog right now.

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