A Photography Upgrade!!

This is Karen!!

Well I said it would happen- and now it is starting!  I finally decided on my new DSLR, and am the proud owner of a Nikon D3200, 24 megapixels!!  Here is the sweet baby herself!

DSLR Modaluxxe
This is the beginning of a steep learning curve for me, learning to take great photos of the glass beads I make.  They are squirrel-ly little things, surprisingly difficult to photograph well.  I had such good luck that the camera store where I bought this had a 2 hour macro photography class scheduled for the weekend after I bought it.  And the class was fabulous.  Probably the best thing I learning was that for my purposes, rather than needing a dedicated Macro lens- at $500+- I would do just as well with extension tubes, which are lens-shaped devices.  

Extension tubes for DSLR camers

This package has 3 nested tubes, which can be used alone or in combinations.  I think one chooses the combinations by what focal length one wants, how close you want to get to your subject.  They fit between the body of the camera and the actual lens-  but I will regale you with more details as I learn more.  

DSLR extension subes

And finally, as Zoey says, Do Art!!

One Thought on “A Photography Upgrade!!

  1. That is one serious looking camera… can’t wait to see the new photos!!!!

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