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Me again! Sadie.

Hey it’s me again and I have been working on what Ollie’s blog will look like. I also wanted to let you know that I have been working on Photoshop and I will add a new pic every time I post something. Here is the post for this time.That is a pic of a baby pinecone that I took myself. When I put it onto my laptop I didn’t change a thing to it that is an original pic. I will talk to you soon, till then have a fun time!


Princess Bubblegum Costume

Its Zoey again =)

And I’ve made some progress on my costume. Of course, after Halloween I lost some gumption to work on it as often, but I’m still working on it =)

I made the structure of the top of my dress using an old crop tank top and a bra. It adds support and was easy to do.

This is all I did to attach the two pieces together. Easy by-hand stitching. The shirt did have a lace piece across the chest but I removed that with seam rippers before I sewed the top and bra together.

Here is the full shirt. I didn’t sew all the way around the shirt either, just the front. Im using these colors as a base, so the shiny see-through fabric I’m using as the actual color is actually pink and not see-through shiny pink-ish.

I made the cover for my tutu as well, but I’ll add that when its not just a cut out piece of fabric =)

Do Art!

Hi! I’m Sadie!

Hi I’m Sadie and I’m the youngest daughter and I will be working on photography and the pics of our dogs and I will try and post new pics as often as possible. I will try and add a new post by me a few times a week. There is a picture of my mom, Ollie, and I toward the bottom of the page. I’m the brown haired one (not the dog the human one I’m the one that had the temporary tattoo). My mom asked me to make a blog just about Ollie as if I were him. I will try and bring that to you as soon as possible. I will add my first picture of Pepper as soon as I can. See ya soon!



I wish I were here!

This is me! A wacky and funny picture that I took when I was board a few months ago. Before the birth of ModaLuxxe.