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Sadie again!

I’m sorry and I know that I haven’t posted anything lately but I have been spending so much time with a new friend. Ok so many families have the tradition of putting a Christmas tree up in their homes in any form. So in the spirit in things I have decided to add a picture of an ornament that I thought looked great the way that it did. I will be sure to find another picture that has to do with the spirit of the season as soon as I can. Till then see you and Happy Holidays.

A little heart inside of a wreath with a little bow on top.

More Fabulous Fabric Art!

It’s Karen!

I have finished the Happy Bunting Quilt that you first saw in drawing form.  Then you saw the top pieced, but not yet sandwiched together with the backing and batting (the fluffy stuff in the middle that makes quilts warm and gives them shape).  

Quilted Bunting Modaluxxe

It always amazes me how the quilting adds a 3-dimensionality to the quilt, makes it come alive.  In that first drawing, I had the curved bunting lines as well as the straight ones- but I couldn’t come up with a good way to piece these (put pieces of fabric together to make the whole).  So I decided on couching yarn with similar colors.  Couching means laying the yarn- or similar floppy linear something- on top of the quilt, then sewing it down.

Medium View Bunting Quilt Modaluxxe

In this close-up you can see (or maybe I mean, not see) that I’ve used a slender transparent thread for this, so the yarn remains the star.

Modaluxxe CLoseup of couching on Bunting Quilt

This quilt pattern would be a fabulous choice for a guild swap-challenge!  For each of the colors, I needed only a 6″ x 7″ piece of fabric.  Here’s how I cut it out!  

Diagram of Bunting Fabric for Quilt Modaluxxe

So an exchange of fabric pieces, and with the quilter’s choice of different backgrounds (could black look cool?  or what about a khaki or celery color solid background?  Or even a small print?) it would be delightful to see the different variations that the members would develop.  You could also leave out the center stripes, replacing them with a letter or number to spell out a message.  Lastly, this pattern is easily up-  or down-scale-able for any size you could imagine (and your sewing machine could handle, lol!)

BTW- My photographs are improving as I get used to my wonderful new DSLR camera.  Here are my two new ‘bibles’ I am working my way through!!




It’s me!

Recently I’ve been thinking about someone who wanted me to draw them an angel awhile back. I thought I might give it a go now. I don’t know how my finished product is going to turn out but I’ve started doodling ideas and such. I also thought this would be a good opportunity to practice using colored pencils as I am not so familiar with using them as a serious medium.

I used reference pictures of course. I decided to just try and draw an entire angel with the wings spread and all that.

Here is the sketch I did for my first go at it. Typical, nothing outrageously good or bad. I started with the well known circle for the head, triangle for the torso, and another circle for the hips. I ended up shortening the shoulders anyways…and making the hips bigger. I tried not to sexualize the angel too much, kind of easy to do.

Next I just traced over my drawing on tracing paper and used that to experiment with colors.

Here is what I’ve decided to do so far. I liked the purple and gold in the wings in the first reference picture so I decided to do use those colors for the wings. I started out with a faint blue shadow on the dress but I really like it with the pink on the bottom actually. I’m still deciding how to finish the wings and how to blend the purple and gold…maybe another color in between? Not sure yet =)

I like having multiples so that I can try a lot of different things without getting the paper all smudgy or I’m trying to cover up mistakes with color. Plus, I think maybe the final one I end up sending to this wonderful woman will be an acrylic painting. I tried my hand at that and loved the result <3

My problem with any kind of project is that I will start it, but it is hard for me to finish them! I don’t know what it is, maybe the initial excitement is gone. However, this is something I’ve told myself I’d work on…maybe I see a New Year’s Resolution already? hmmm.

Do Art!